Water Bottles

When your body is hydrated, your health is guaranteed. The more you drink, the more your digestion and overall health status are promoted. Water bottles are a great way to reach the daily recommended water intake of 8 to 12 cups a day. Over the years people are opting to go for water bottles rather than purchased water. The products today on the market are not just environmentally friendly; they deliver great taste while saving you lots of money. The bottles can either be made of glass, stainless steel or plastics free from BPA. If you do a random search for the water bottles in the market, you note they have several features such as loops, handles, and hooks which can be placed in the side pouch of your backpack or hook. The double insulation layers ensure that it tastes like it just came from your fridge the last 24 hours.

How To Choose A Water Bottle

Water bottles today appear in different designs and shapes. Most of their top features are intended to serve specific functions. When selecting a water bottle, ensure that it is best suited for the activities you carry out mostly. You should also pick the right material. The lightest material is the BPA plastic while the high-end bottles are made from stainless steel. When water bottles are being designed, the designers ensure that the buyer will never find it necessary to go to the local retail outlet and buy a disposable water bottle again. Briefly explained are some Features of a good water bottle:

BPA Free

If you opt for plastic water bottles, they should not contain BPA. This conclusion is based on a recent study which showcases the effects of BPA on an individual’s health. Your plastic bottle should be user-friendly, light and incapable of denting when pressure is exerted.


You can use your bottle for drinking several substances, for instance, shakes, yogurt, milk or water. It is advisable to pick a water bottle whose top opening is wide enough and can accommodate several items, for instance, ice cubes.


Ensure that your bottle holder can fit into your vehicle’s cup holder. This will be very convenient for drivers. If you do not move about in a vehicle, ensure your water bottle fits into your purse or backpack. When at home, you do not have to use a clean glass every time you want to drink water. This reduces the pile of dishes up for washing. Your bottle can rest on your bed, on the couch cushions, or in your garage without any risk off spillovers.


With all the emphasis on environmental sustainability and going green, it might be best to opt for a water bottle that can be recycled.

Color & Design

When selecting a water bottle, go for one which best suits your personal style. Choose your favorite color and a design that goes hand in hand with it. Reusable water bottles take fewer resources when making and result in less environmental pollution.

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